Saturday, November 22, 2008

vomit and comics

So I've learned something new about myself. Yes yes I am going to share it with you. As some of you may or may not know I have a rather intense phobia of phones. Why? A phobia is an irrational fear I don't know why. I get that question a lot though. Its funny though most people don't ask questions about bugs, but phones oh lordy there must be something wrong with that boy. And there is, I have a phobia, of phones. This just keeps going on and on.

I don't like to vomit. There was one time where I literally laid curled up around the base of a toilet for at least 36 hours writhing in pain because I prefered that to vomiting. The floor was cold and uncomfortable. Another time I nearly choked myself because it was coming up but I was having nothing of it, so I nearly died. I've mellowed out since then, but not by much. So one time when I got half way though dialing a phone number I found myself white knucked vomiting into a sink rather spontaneously we can all agree. I have a sevear fucking aversion to phones.

Much like the vomiting I've mellowed out since then. The reason why you are reading this on a myspace account is because of my aversion to phones and the fact that my friends were scattering acrost the country. I adapted, I can get a massive amount of things done without calling anyone. And I have manged to live a moderatly sucessful life with only minimal phone time.

However, since I don't live under a big rock inside a cave there are sometimes where my life isn't perfect. Its okay though, its my choice to be on the outside of both. ANYWAY, so a bunch of things happened where I had to spend an inordinate amount of time on the phone with people who were either incompetent or...well some of them just weren't very nice. HOwever what I was doing was important and couldn't be avoided. I was kinda proud of myself though, I had come a long way from that kid who was vomiting into a sink because he had to call someone. I like not being ruled by my many psychological deficencies.

Anyway I learned that I'm not quite as bad ass as I thought. That is the new thing I learned about myself. Whoopsee. See instead of clenching up and immediatly panicing I clench up and bury all the pain and terror I am going through into the pit of my tummy. Then all that pain and fear gets leaked out slowly over the course of the next few... well I have no idea how long it is going to take. I assume it will be until I talk to someone about it so I guess tonightish...I dunno. If not then I'll just need some down time, because right now I am increadbly wound up, agressive, and moody. I nearly elbowed some woman in the face who touched my back. Granted I don't like this woman but you know what I mean.

So all of that is going on. Because I had to spend a night calling people I am crippled for two days afterwards. Jesus I suck. At least I was able to get it done and everything.

Right that was supposed to be cathartic. It wasn't. Awesome. I'm going to write about comic books now.

I just bought and epic number of comic books recently and I am having a hard time finding the time to read them. At the same time I don't want to read them because I know that once I start, I will blaze through entire series of books like they weren't there and I will be happy.

In addition some exciting things are wandering around the horizon. The third grant morrison batman book is going to be hitting the shelves in september. Grant Morrison is quickly becomeing one of my favorite comic book writters of all time, and he is starting to become one of my favorite writters of all time comic or otherwise. His work on batman has been some of his finest to date and I am looking fowards to more with a sort of psychotic delight. His stories are narativly clever, slightly loose, and heavily psychological. Then they will break into high action, before settleing back down again. Everything about it is something I want to read more of. I'd buy it monthly if it weren't so annoying to do so. Besides I am a story arc and a half behind and getting the back issues really isn't worth it. So I'll just eagerly trade wait. Apparently from all interviews Morrison will be doing the batman thing for the long haul which is increadbly exciting, I really can't wait to see what he is going to do to the poor caped crudsader.

In other news the punisher will be ending soon and there hasn't really been much news concerning what Ennis will be doing next. He has a gig with an independentish comic book publisher called The Boys. He is two trades in and I am eagerly looking fowards to buying it. At the moment he seems to be thier heavyest hitter, by far, writter wise but they have a few other things that I wish to check out, so we'll see. I'm more curiose to see if he is going to undertake another mainstream project like the punisher or focus on wierd things. Ennis stands out in my mind because he is the only author to produce two 9 book series, thouse being Preacher and Punisher. Grant Morrison has been off making mainstream DC not suck but he hasn't really stayed on any book/series/event for to long. Warren Ellis has fractured off into ADD land and sort of does all of everything at the same time and ultimatly finishes nothing. Brain K Vaughn is starting to get up there with his series Y's the last man and his other book Ex Machina, but it looks like that seires will be wandering to a close sooner than latter. Ennis though has produced two 9 book seires and like 6 billion other things, he is one of the most proflic writters out there rivaled only by Brain Micheal Bendis. You know what though? While I am generally a fan of Bendis and while Bendis has sculpted most of the major marvel events for the past 5 years or so, Ennis is a better writter. Ennis is great, Bendis is entertaining. Two very diffrent distinctioins.

Speaking of things coming to a close 100 bullets looks like it will be ending on book 13. 12 is slated to hit the shelves in september and everyone is talking about how the seires is racing to its conclusion in its true serialized form. This is both good and bad, I hope that he will start another monthly series and that it will be as amazing as both 100 bullets and loveless which better not be ending any time soon.

Lastly there is walking dead. Walking dead isn't really ending, but some major changes are happening. Most of the cast is dead, and they have been throw out of thier prison. Where they go from there is anyone's guess, I for one and excited. Umm lunch is over back to work.

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