Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lets Bomb and Oil seriously

You know I wish I could get excited about environmental issues, I really do. Environmental issues are huge and they need to be adressed, like now, imeadiatly. I mean the ice caps are melting at an exponental rate and to be honest I find the whole thing to be rather terrifying.

What is more terrifying is the level of stupidity that our governing officials bring to the issue. What is even more terrifying than that is how little corporations care.

So I read this article about the situation at the ice caps. Part of the reason America was discovered was because we were looking for a cheaper easyer way to china. In many ways we have yet to stop doing that. When we discovered that there were not one but two big honking continents in the way of china we started looking for the northwest passage. This is one of the major times that the artic was explored to see if there was a way we could go acrost the north pole in order to china. They discovered that passage acrost the north pole is infeasable at best.
Not to be deterred we went to Panama with a man, a plan, and after many years and a lot of dead people, we ended up with a Canal. Huzzah! Of course using that canal is expensive as fuck, and recently we made these awesome supertankers which don't even fit in the damn Panama Canal. For many years that was that.

Now some people went up to the north pole and took a measure of the rapidly depleating ice caps, and they were all like, "look damnit there is less fucking ice up here, like a million square miles less".

So the companies went up there and realized that if they built a bunch if ice breakers they could get to china easyer! They also realized that in a few decades they won't even need icebreakers and that is exciting too. Quite a few companies have started building ships with cutting edge technology, one tanker for example can got through open seas one way, and then reverse sides so it can get through ice, thus negating the need for ice breakers altogether.

To further add some gasoline to the fire it has been realized that nearly 20-40% of the world's remaining oil is up in thouse ice caps. What is extra exciting about that is because the ice is melting it is easyer to get at now. Super awesome! We know more about the surface of mars than we do about the north pole but all of that is about to change.


Now alcholics have this thing called a moment of clarity when they awaken from a drunken stupor one day and realized just how fucked thier life is at the moment. You would think that after millions of miles of artic land scape would disapear that moment would happen. NO instead we start drilling for even more oil and open up new shipping lanes.

Now there is me. And I wish I could get excited about it. But I can't. I am flumoxed. I litteraly have no idea what could possibly be done to make people see the light short of terrorist actions. Yeah terrorism. You know not all terrorism is bad. The hippies used to do it quite a bit, they burnt down banks, and blew up cars amongst many other things. There was a reason why cops beat hippies to death, it was because hippies were fucking scary. Its sad how we took thier legacy and made them into beyond useless pot heads. But that is a diffrent blog which I think I will title rape of the afterbirh of history. We aren't there yet, we are here in fact.

So yeah terrorism. I don't see any other way. Blow up some of these super tankers crossing the artic and make people look and see that this whole situation is fucked to hell and back. It is possible to commit acts of terrorism without killing anyone. Maybe we could bury a CEO's car and put a little refinery over where it should be. Or something. You would think we would already be lining the streets demanding that this shit come to a compleate halt, and that a solution for fossil fuels become a top priority. Instead we are buying more and more hummers. I fucking hate hummers. Every time I see one I want to put a, "Thanks for the gas prices asshole" sticker on the damn things.

I don't know and I just don't get it. I have a lot of faith in people generally. I beleive strongly that people want what is best and they just have a hard time agreeing with how to get it. But the current abuse of the artic brought about because of our abuse of the planet is unacceptable to me. We don't turn one mistake into an even bigger one, what the hell is wrong with people.


Oh well I wanted to get that off my chest. My stupid card reader thing hasn't come in the mail yet and I am mildly pissed about that too. Soon though and then I can get this thing back on schedual.

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