Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cell Phones!

You can only hold out for so long. So yeah I got a cell phone. If you are one of the 4 people who speak to me on the phone then you will realize that my land line pretty much sucks. It is static filled and sometimes it dies at random for no reason. The other day I was trying to make some calls but the static was so bad that I ended up just giving up and looking up cell phone rates at random.

I was horrified to realize that I could get free nights and weekends anywhere in the country for less than I was paying for a crappy land line that bearly worked. If there is one thing I loath to do it is overpay for things, hence my prepensity for piracy. Anyway after seeing that, and realizing that I couldn't even call to cancel my service, on top of being woken up by a telemarketer...yeah enough is enough.
In case you missed the bulletin the number is

I finnaly devoted enough atension to it so that I could shut off the damn ringing and whatnot that it would do when someone called me. Most annoying default ringtone ever. So I did that, had a text conversation with Artair which hurt my hand, and called my mum to let her know about the new thing and all.

I am annoyed, but I am set up with voicemail which is more than I ever did with my land line. I dunno it is a new little toy that I kinda want to fiddle with. I also need to get/find a usb cable that will let me do the myspace thing that...yay the one for the psp works! hold on

Well I'll upload it latter I just realized how little I feel like making the computer yell at the cellphone. Oh wait I just remebered that evan cares about things like this:

it is a mororola W755 in awesome as fuck purple.

Anyway, like I was saying it is this wierd little gadget thing that I will most likely have mastered in a couple of days, because right now it is pissing me off that I don't already know everything about it. I dunno I still don't like it. I've never really been friends with phones and having one on me at all times isn't likely to change that any time soon. Still, it is just one of those things that makes sense and there is no real getting around it. What the hell bellsouth you people suck.

In other news I bought an electric razor, which means I'll actually be keeping up with shaving. Yeah it happened when this girl named Jessica White said I looked like Tom Greene. See now I thought that got left behind in high school, but no it followed me to collage and even now. So I shaved. HA! Sadly I paid more for my electric razor than my new stupid cell phone. It has a camera and it looks like it takes terrible pictures. I might fiddle with the settings latter, when I care.

Yeah a blog entry about a cell phone. Most of you know me well enough to know that this is some crazy shit y0. I want the cockadoodle do song as a ringtone. I don't know if that is even possible but I think I will do it.

You know what's funny? How fucking fast cellphones have taken over our society. Hey guess what Chelsea reads these! I had no idea. Hi Chelsea.

I think I spelled your name wrong, sorry.

Anyway yeah I mean it is crazy how ultra prevelent they have become. It is almost to the point where cell phone sales people look at you confused when you say you don't have a cell phone. To pose an example, look at the first season of Daria. Daria isn't that old of a show, and yet her little sister is constantly on the house phone. Were that show made today it would be her own little blackberry. Her mom rides the cell phone hard, but the show still shows it as a toy for buissness types, not everyone, which fits condisdering when the show came out. Now they are litteraly cheaper, by far, than a land line with the only hold outs being the poor and the pyschotic. So many people can't imagine life without one, and to be honest I can't imagine life with one.

The obviouse solution is to just leave it at home in its charger and treat it like a house phone. But I'm not one for obviouse solutions, and so it will be in my back pocket along with my DS and keys. Its time to move fowards. One of my favorite things to write about fictionwise is people with crippling mental illnesses and thier struggle to do everyday things. Write what you know I guess. Just having it makes me feel profoundly less alienated, now people can connect with me.

I doubt this will herald in some new that word is hard to spell I give up...of communication with the people around me, but who knows it might. It feels like it could and I guess that is what matters. Its a tool just like everything else, I'll get out of it what I put in.

As side note I've discovered Dwarf Fortress. Expect much gushing/venting on that shit latter. FUCK ELVES.

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