Saturday, November 22, 2008

Deathrace 2000!

Okay DeathRace 2000. Deathrace is a movie I always wanted to see but kept forgetting about. Like I always knew it excisted and ever since I saw the box as a wee lad I wanted to see "that one" but I would always get distracted by something else. Then as I got older I forgot about it entirely until I read NEXTWAVE Agents of H.A.T.E. which is the most amazing piece of Literature I have ever read in my entire life. Yeah that's right capital L literature, that means its a step above that ordinary crap.

It was reffernced in NEXTWAVE and I got the reffrence too, but I hadn't actually seen the movie which made me mad. Then I forgot about it again because at around that time my life was being flooded with new shiney things. Finnaly I saw the trailer of the turgid afterbirth that they are calling a remake and I quickly procured my own copy.

I will say this right now. Holywood has lost the gental art of satire. It's gone, pretty much for good I fear. Satire is something I can respect because it relies on the intelegence of the audience to pick up on the things that it is making fun of. It is much harder to pull off than retard humor, montage comedies which make fun of an entire genra of movies, or even slightly more sophisticated humor like, "Thankyou for Smoking" or "Art School Confidencial". Deathrace 2000 is bizzare, brightly coloured, and a fucking brilliant satyrical masterpiece that should be lovingly remembered next to Bamboozaled and Networked.

GO see it. And should you be one of thouse overly arty people who somehow got lost and stumbled into my blog, take the stick out of your damn ass first. I did and discovered that life is so much more enjoyable without everything being so dull and seriouse.

So why is Deathrace amazing? Short answer, the french. In an almost prophetic way the whipping boy of the movie became the french. So when an underground amaerican based resistence movement started trying to disrupt the race, they blamed french terrorists. FUCKING BRILLIANT. I don't know how or why that happened but at our current historical moment we are still hystericly blaming the french for random things as we demand to be served freedom fries. I can't beleive someone fucking tried that here in america in this day and age.

Deathrace also has the suprising dignaty of being multilayered. Yes multilayered I know I am suprised as you are. First and formost it is a movie about people driving rediculously looking cars acrost a future america killing anyone who gets in the way for points. So on that very basic level it is fun to watch. In this hilariouse vision of the future Deathrace is the most popular sporting event ever and some people willingly throw themselves in front of their favorite drivers to help them gain points. Other paticularly stupid people try to race around in front of the cars doing thier best to taunt the other drivers...kinda like running with the bulls. My favorite part is euthasia day at the hospital. This brings on to the next point.

The most popular driver, Frakenstien is a subversive cunt. So instead of running down the old people at the hospital he kills all the doctors who were watching from the sidelines. Why? Well as the movie put is, because he has a good old fasioned red blooded american sense of humor.

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