Sunday, November 23, 2008

my first real myspace blog aww memories

The Piano Tuner of Earth Quakes

Days I've spent online: 9
Days its taken me to go apeshit after finding a site dedicated to some of the most amazing movies ever: 8

Pretty good. I was worried I would do an amazon spending binge. But no no. So yeah isn't that a clever title, unfortunatly it is the title of a movie that I am currently SO excited to see that I am actually happy to go to work so I don't have to sit there all day with a bowl of popcorn watching the progress bar excitedly.

I'm sure I will either gush love or disapointment regarding its excistence tonight or tomarrow.

I think I've decided that I am going to subscribe to WOW. Its a pretty fun game actually. I don't really understand how people can find it to be all life consuming awesome. It isn't that great. In fact in many ways I prefer maplestory. I think it is WOW's background. I am kinda getting tired of the whole war torn, dispair ridden, fantasy world. It is kinda depressing. It started with Warhammer mostly. Warhammer was always kinda of a depressing game but up until 5th edition it maintained a sort of tounge in cheek humour regarding the whole situation. Now it is all dark and super goth. Sure sure I like the whole aesthetic but jesus christ lighten up people. WOW has that same sort of overwrought gothyness, at least superficialy and then sprinkled throughout there are bits of light hearted humour. So I guess I'll stick around, its fun.

So last night at about 1:30 I got off WOW and decided to do some homework. Instead I watched an episode of Starved. Starved is one of the most amazing shows I have ever seen. Its funny, I'll give you that. Hilariouse in fact. In addition it is a deep, complex, multilayered sense of humour that you just don't find in normal television shows. It also posseses a sort of direct...jesus what the fuck was the girl wearing, it sounds like she died and had to put on 8 diffrent types of perfume. Anyway where was I. Oh yeah it also posseses a sort of direct brutality that you just can't get around. Its more than the belt tighteners scenes which are hilariouse, "This morning I ate chocolate cake out of the garbage"
"If you were a dog I would kick you in the face"
Amazing. You just can't find that sort of thing elsewhere, oh an the electoshock scene makes me happy forever. I'm going to give Ben a copy on monday because I hope he likes it...assuming I force my dvd burner to do as I say. I don't know why I'm aprehensive about it. I guess i just don't feel like monkeying around with my stupid computer. I just want the damn thing to work and leave me alone. This is impossible.

Back to Starved. It is one of the few shows that actually can make me feel dirty for watching it. In the first episode the main charecter begins to mentaly abuse this girl he is dating. Essentialy he is turning her into a fictional person he sees in a TV comercial. He is only attracted to her when she is doing something that reminds him of the comercial. The best is when he convinces her to tell him about her day in a brittish accent in order to keep him from being bored. This is aweful, reprehensible, and fucking hilariouse. I can't help but cheer him along as he bends and twists this girl into his sad pathetic vision of beauty which is dominated by waist sizes and superficiality. I can understand why the show quickly failed. It makes me sad though, I mean it wasn't like they tried to bury it, they put it on right before Rescue Me and Nip/Tuck which is how I got to watch it. Its easy to let the show get away from you. Like when everyone at the table wieghed thier dicks to see if they would be heavyer than a carrot. This sort of machoism is the sort of thing that fills me with revulsion. However, when you look at the scene at all, that is how you are supposed to feel. These are sad sad sad little men...and one woman, who live horrible pathetic lives for my enjoyment. Yours to assuming you are into that sort of thing.

SPEAKING OF WHICH. Okay does everyone know the story of the funeral? Well here it goes.

There is this woman who had a family member recently pass away. While attending the funeral she meets the love of her life, her absolute grade A tripled distilled soul mate. Before the funeral ended however, she couldn't get his name or contact information. So she goes back to her life. Three weeks latter she killed her sister.

Why did she do it?

See now depending on the answer you give you have the potential to be a crazed killer. I didn't know this before I answered the question. I also gave the crazy person answer without missing a beat and I added a duh at the end. It makes perfect sense to me. Stupid psychology. Oh well.

And with that I will leave to work. Unless you are an asshole who I don't like I hope you have a good day.

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