Saturday, November 22, 2008

100 bullets, 87 are for overkill

Elapsed time it has taken to get used to new tiny keyboard: 3 hours or so. Man now that I am used to it though I am well on my way. I've already produced a few pages of rpg materials and here I am typing up a second blog entry. The one and only snag I've encounted so far is that the battery doesn't fully charge. Still one visit to amazon this morning and that problem should be fixed within 3-5 buisness days. All in all the great pocket pc exparament is looking to be a fantastic sucess. Woo hoo. I mean after all I could be spending that money on magic cards and that is what is really important. Magic cards.

On that note for my birthday I bought myself a box of magic cards, now there are few things in life that I find more decadent than opening up a box of magic cards. There is just something beautiful about the whole thing. I got some fantastic stuff out of it, a lot of really good white cards actually which is wierd because that is the colour that I am least likely to play. I don't know why, white can do some snazzy things, it is just that I would rather play blue/black any day of the week. There is just something about that colour combination that I find pleasing on an aesthtic level along with its obviouse practical applications. The set itself has one of the most amazing designs ever to it. Essentially these little hobbit motherfuckers got tired of having thier asses kicked, went crazy and took over the world. Go little hobbit folk of all the things I expected to happen that wasn't one of them. The art direction for the set is beautiful and I can't wait for some of the wall papers to come out. Especially the scarecrows which are awesome super sexy.

While I am talking aboiut birthday presents I also ordered a metric fuckton of graphic novels. Most of it is 1oo bullets which is one of the most epicly amazing things I have ever read.

Now onto the real part of the blog. I kinda hate 100 bullets because it has exposed me as a racist fuck. Well that is only slightly true, for the most part I am not, I don't care what colour, creed, or gender you are, I just want to have good conversations, play magic, and video games. The diffrence is that 100 bullets is very much an urban book. Most of the stories I have encountered thus far are about black inner city folks killing each other. Now for the most part this is something I don't care about.

I should care about this. I really should, I mean there are children out there shooting at each other over street corrners so that mildly older children can sell drugs on them. The inner city just sort of overwhelms me. I can understand that being poor is hard, and that sometimes you might need to steal and or murder to survive, but the whole gang thing? I just can't respect its excistence. Initiation murders, machosim, and all that crap that gangsta rap, says is everything that I am so firmly against. On a lark I've read some urban fiction and it neatly encapsulates everything I find wrong with the culture, namely materialism.

So when 100 bullets uses this environment as its setting it immeadiatly turned me off. It turned me off pretty hard too. I always felt disturbed by it too, because all of these feelings I am expressing right now are troublesome to me. I am essentially writting off so many people as culturaly, asetheticly, and interpersonally. I've never met an actual thug, but I've met enough wannabies to make me wonder what the hell is going on with people that they would care so little about thier lives.

So time passes, like a year, and I decide to give the series another shot. I picked another book, still distinctly urban in nature, and I loved it. I loved it because it took all that gangster shit and made them look horridly stupid. Not in the aspect that you shouldn't commit crime, that wasn't the point. But rather there is a much smarter way to commit crime than killing someone over 20 bucks. One of the best lines was, ."See that is why racial profiling is so easy" If you want more context go out and buy your own copy. The point is though that there is this crystal wall that I can't get at and 100 bullets is forcing me to look at it and acknowlage it, or to put it diffrently see the world in a diffrent way,

And really what more can you ask of art?

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