Saturday, November 22, 2008

learning from mistakes

You know the unforgiven thing taught me something new. See I tried continueing it the other day and it sort of crashed and burned with this sort of magnificent nova like fury. So I devoted a small amount of time figguring out the problem, and lo I was amazed at the conclusion I came up with. Acedemic writing actually serves a purpose.

See part of the problem with the Unforgiven thing is that some of the ideas that I am expressing are increadbly complex. No really they are. Now I am trying to express these ideas in a way so that everyone can understand them. That is even harder. Now on a scale of things I have a knack for expressing increadbly complex ideas so that everyone can understand them. That is a definate skill that I do posess. What is bizzare about the unforgiven thing is that I seemed to of hit a wall because my sort of chaotic free wheeling writting style just was not up to the task of expressing ideas of that magnitude. So fuck now what?

Well its time to decide what to do with the losses. The unforgiven thing started when I read an acedemic article that was retarted. No seriously it was some of the worst shit I have ever read in a scholarly publication. So the goal was to cock slap it all over the place. However, as I started to do that I found a way to cock slap Zizek a little bit. The plan was to do both of them at the same time but that just isn't working. I would need to quote extrensivly from both unforgiven and the retarded article in order to beat up the retarded article, and I don't need to do all of that to beat up Zizek. Also everything I have to say about Zizek is more interesting for me, so I am off to greener pastures as far as that is concerned. I decided to post the failed Unforgiven thing as a comment to this post so that everyone who wants to see my train of thought fall apart in on itself can.

I don't know why people get all bent out of shape about failures, they can't all be winners.

Back to the acedemic writting thing. See I and a lot of my contemporaries have some seriouse hatred twords acedemic writting. I'm starting to realize now though that it is a tool, and it is nessisary to explain some increadbly complex issues. That, as a medium, it actually has a form and a function that is condusive to a great deal of higher thought. I had no idea, and I canisder that to be a fantatic failure on the part of my education thus far. Also I realize that most of the essays I've wtitten didn't need acedemic writting because I could just use this format which is both more enjoyable to read and to write in. In a lot of ways it is the step that comes before this one, and I find myself composing formal essays more and more in my head only to transcribe them in this format somtime latter. Writting is wierd.

So I am off to taking on Zeziek. That is going to be fun, but I need to do a little bit of reading before I do it. I am 90% positive I am right, but I need to look at a couple of things, just so that I can properly nuance things out. Currently in my head it sounds like a pissing match over vocabualry when it is instead much more imporant than that. I also want to go into the nature of his mistake and the danger inherent in the assersion he made regarding hyper realitiy. I know I am excited and I don't really give a fuck about the rest of you.

Also, oddly enough, Unforgiven is an inapproprate vessal for such a task. I might still use it though. Oddly enough 3:10 to Yuma is hyper appropriate which is REALLY wierd. It is one of thouse holywood movies that has a bizzare sideways morality to it that I really like but no one really seems to think about to hard. I also have this long write up on the end of fight club I have been meaning to do and I have never gotten around to. Perhaps tomarrow at lunch I will tackle that with the violence it deserves. I think it will work nicely to set up a future point. It kinda ties into the horror movie thing I want to do with Friday the 13th. Holyshit want to write that paper SO much. If for no other reason that to put out the idea that there is nothing wrong with looking at an entire series/franchise as a single text.

Anywho, this seems to be a nice general issues blog so I will write about some other things. Sasha got me a shit ton of comic books and i am happyer than a pig in the shit of angels.

Dwarf Fortress is amazing, my fortress finnally crashed and burned when I sent someone's cat to be butchered. What? I needed the food. Now when you butcher a cat that is owend by someone the owner goes on a tantrum and breaks/injures several dozen things in its path. Now I had set things up pretty carefully, I had the dwarf who was schedualed for tantruming locked in a room all by himself where he wouldn't be hurting engravings, and valuable shit, and less importantly other dwarfs. The thing I forgot to do was to keep other pets out, so when he started his tantrum he promply killed three other cats...who all had owners. So I had three dwarves all over the fortress go psychotic, and the whole thing ended in a bloody maelstorm of death and destruction...over a fucking cat. Best game ever. Next fortress I want to make a farming community that has a bunch of green houses and stuff. I think it will be omega neat. Oh and FUCK carp. What sort of game has uber carp which devours dwarves whole? Oh yeah Dwarf fucking Fortress I forgot.

In other video game news Civilization Revolution is now sitting in my DS and I think I am going to play it so that I can write about it later. So peace mother fucker

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