Saturday, November 22, 2008

Damnit Vanna

Or actually a better title would be sychinosity but I can't spell that word and I don't feel like looking up how to spell it so I think I'll just butcher it here and curse vanna in my title. There everything is where it belongs.

So this is about a male chasity belt, which I lost the link to, DAMNIT. But yeah male chasity belts. This one cups the cock and balls in such a way that erections become impossible. It is possible for someone to still pee standing up but for the most part you'd be better off sitting down. The really neat thing about it is that it is desighned for long term wear. The site proudly advirtises that some people have worn the thing for months with no ill effects. That's impressive.

Anyway for the first time in a very long time I found myself looking at a fetish site and I decided to poke around. I would like to say here and now that the world's idea of male feishwear is absolutly retarded. Seriously who the fuck thought those harnesses would be a good idea? I want to find you and give you a good god damn talking to. Its always like that with men though, our clothing generally sucks and it takes a lot of work to stand out in any decent sort of way. The thing is though is that dressing up is fun and were I to ever do some sort of fetish play I would love to do so. While an $800 rubber suit is a bit out of my price range (permenatly) there are just some things I need. Button down shirts are a huge part of it, especially the red ones. I would also like an apron leather and heavy. I think aprons are cool as fuck. Not a looser cloth apron I want a nice heavy leather one, thouse are extra sweet. Mostly though I want a pair of elbow length vinyl gloves, well two pairs one black one red dark red not that bright firetruck red shit.

I almost bought some several years ago but my wardrobe didn't quite line up. Now I primarly wear button downs so they would go much better. I've always sort of seen elbow length gloves to be sort of like sexy underwear. They are more for me than you. Something you get to see only if you are fucking lucky.

Its strange there used to be a time where not a month would go by before I would be poking around at all of this stuff, now I realize that it has been years. Of course then I knew I couldn't afford it and I can't afford it now. However, I've discovered that I am a far more cerebral person than a physical one and all the props and toys just sort of get in the way. I still want the gloves though, and I really like the idea of a male chasity belt along with the torments that come with it. Chasity belts were always more alluring to me than collars. Collars are just a big fuck off advertisment to everyone else. Oh lookie me I got a collar on it means I am taken and the padlock means I am not going to be untaken just for you blah blah blah. Don't care. Granted I like collars but only because I like being grabed and lead around by them, not for any sort of relationship advirtsiment purpose. I think it is all kinda boring.

Chasity belts are where its at though. I didn't really see all the possiblities. I'm a pretty private person when it comes to my relationships and I like violating that privacy on my own terms...and thouse terms are wierd and kinda spontaneous. We won't talk about that though because there are some things I do keep private. So yeah back to chasity belts the modern incarnations of them are truely increadble and while it lacks the exterior visaul impact of a collar the fact that you can feel a little padlock dangling around your nut sack every time you take a step is far more statisfying to me.

Sychrinosity yeah I brought that up earlyer. See while Vanna is primarly at fault for all of this I did catch myself thinking one morning before work that I would like to go explore alternative sexual communities. There isn't much going on around here so I am turning to the internet and downloaded A Second Life which is notoriouse for being primarly pron.

Its sitting on my desktop still untouched but I'll get to it prolly on my days off when I am taking a break from WOW. I realize that I am much less a participant in these things and more of a collector. Sure sure I could let someone pee on me and we'd both be...happy I guess but listening to someone talk about being peed on, that is something special. There is a sort of stange magic in thouse conversations that I can't ever seem to pin down, but man I do miss having them. So off to one of the biggest strangest chatrooms ever. I know I'm excited.

Anyway I am going to play WOW and stop disturbing everyone now.

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